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About Us

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of the Government of South Sudan (GOSS), is the product of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) Which was signed between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the then Government of Sudan (GOS) in January, 2005.


The vision of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is “To lay and build a strong foundation for a united, peaceful and prosperous South Sudan based on Justice, equality, respect for human rights and supremacy of the rule of Law.”


The mission of MOJ is, inter alia, to:-

Ensure the dissemination and implementation of the CPA

Promote democratic principles and political pluralism guided by the principles of decentralization and devolution of power

Ensure that rights enshrined in the CPA, the Interim National Constitution, the Interim Constitution of South Sudan and Interim State Constitutions, International Conventions, Treaties and Protocols to which the Government of the Republic of Sudan is a signatory, are respected, protected and promoted.

Ensure supremacy of the rule of law and that law and order is maintained, respected and promoted

Render legal services to the people and all levels of Government in South Sudan

Create conducive atmosphere for socio-economic development in accordance with the vision, mission and programs of the Government of Southern Sudan

Values of the Ministry




Render legal services for all without fear or favor

Functions and Mandates

To achieve the vision and mission, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) performs, inter alia, the following functions and duties:-

Represent all levels of Government in South Sudan in prosecution, litigation and adjudication.

Conduct all the pre-trial proceedings in South Sudan.

Protect public and private property and rights.

Draft legislations for all levels of Government in South Sudan.

Incorporation businesses and register Non-Governmental Organizations, Associations and Societies.

Provide legal opinion and advice to all levels of Government in South Sudan.

Initiate and or conduct capacity building programs.

Conduct researches on customary law and any other area of concern.

Establish an Institute for Legal Studies.

Establish a Customary law Development Centre.

Print, publish, gazette, distribute and disseminate all Government of South Sudan and State laws.

Conduct research and initiate legal reviews and reforms. Without prejudice to the provisions of (1) above, the functions and duties of MOJ are as prescribed in ”the Ministry of Justice Organization Act, 2008.”

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